Hawai‘i’s Sustainability Heroes

“Our perspective is that the land is an asset and we want to develop it to its best use, whether it’s conservation, agriculture or energy,” Marstaller says.

Pineapple Awards 2023

Ramsey Brown, vice president of diversified agriculture, Pono Pacific

Under Brown’s leadership, Kuilima Farm — 468 acres of ag land owned by Turtle Bay Resort and managed by Pono Pacific — has achieved food safety certification under the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which will allow it to increase food security in the North Shore and surrounding communities.

My Job: Outdoor Jack-of-All-Trades

Gerry Kaho‘okano used to Tahitian dance with John (Leong, CEO of Pono Pacific Land Management) and he needed help. So he went to work for him as a field laborer.


Chris Lee, VP of Farm Development, nominated for Hawaii Business Magazine’s 20 for the next 20.

Pono Pacific In The News





Pono Pacfic CEO John Leong is first in Hawaii to be selected as an Obama Foundation Fellow

Meet John Leong, an Obama Fellow, who is the CEO of Kupu, a Hawaii based organization that is dedicated to helping young adults gain transferrable job skills through service in conservation and sustainability. Kupu strives to empower every young person that commits to the organization to unlock their own potential.  John was inspired to stay and work in Hawaii and feels a deep ownership for it noting, “It’s the place that raised me and there’s so much that I gained from it that it was my responsibility to stay home and contribute to a place that the next generation will have it better than we had it.”