What does Pono Pacific do?


Pono Pacific Land Management, LLC (Pono Pacific) was founded in 2000 by John Leong, who also founded Kupu, to assist conservation managers and landowners with the monumental task of protecting Hawai’i’s natural resources.

The company’s culture is rooted in the Hawaiian word “pono” or doing what is right and living with integrity.

By providing cost-effective natural resource management services since 2000, Pono Pacific has grown to work with private and government land owners in activating working lands, creating sustainable food systems, restoring sensitive ecosystems, protecting both endemic and indigenous species, protecting vital watersheds, managing conservation lands, and repairing/constructing nature trails.

Pono Pacific is a Hawai’i-based, locally owned, SBA Company. See the “Services” section for more details on our conservation solutions.